darshan / vision

April 20, 2011


discussion of the word ‘darshan’ apart, this post is about a dusty streetside vision, walked into randomly while sunk in utter velapanthy along the dusty dusty dusty gurgaon road, which suddenly brought in this imagery of quest/yatra into an otherwise everyday experience of looking at a temple across a busy dusty road, from the opposite footpath…

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donlyn lyndon – what does it take to make place?

November 23, 2010


It takes the mind of the beholder / Wondering / Imagining / Caring how things are / and might be...

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why ‘ajantriks’?

October 16, 2010


the name comes from two locations - ajantrik the film by ritwik ghatak, and adventures of asterix and obelix by uderzo and goscinny.

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